"My job, my castle." 

Our acoustic screens are a combination of so-called sandwich layers, chipboard, polystyrene foam and textiles. Thanks to the laminated structure, the result is an aesthetic board that partially absorbs the sound waves, thus reducing the noise of the room it delimits. 

The easiest way to use screens that can be mounted on a table is to work on opposite or adjacent work areas. They do not require an extra fixing point, they easily sit on the table top. For a unique work area, we recommend screens that can be mounted on the edge of the table top. Of course, these can even be combined together. 

For dividing larger spaces, standing screens offer the most optimal solution, which can be achieved in two heights. 

Akustik screens have a staple surface, so it can also function as a billboard, but we can even put notes on it or even personal pictures to make our workspace even more homely.

Acoustic screens, types of acoustic elements